Join our team at Nova Services

Shape your future: Discover career growth and fulfillment with us

Why it's good to work for us

Joining our team means being part of a supportive and fulfilling workplace that values your professional growth.

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Friendly, supportive atmosphere

We work as a team and count on you for the long term. We place a strong emphasis on team building, company retreats and shared experiences.

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Versatility, flexibility

We are flexible in our processes, and through our clients we have an insight into the enterprise business. Our projects are characterized by industry and methodological diversity, so you can always work on new challenges without changing jobs.

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Knowledge sharing

 We host a monthly internal workshop session for the system and business analysts, where everyone can bring their project experiences, questions, or even ideas to improve how we work together.

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Professional development

As one of our core values is professionalism, we provide maximum support for attending training courses and conferences and obtaining professional certifications.

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Working environment

Our office is located in Haller Gardens, one of the most modern office buildings in Budapest's 9th district, perfectly supporting our daily work and community building. We have foosball, darts, bean bags and even PS.

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Extra days off

For those entitled to less than 30 days off per year under the Labour Code, we will top up their holiday allowance.

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Home office

During the mentoring period, an intensive office presence is the best way to facilitate the flow of information and faster learning and integration. Still, after that, two home office days and three office days per week are provided.

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We place a strong emphasis on maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance and health, so in addition to the health services available, the program also offers sporting activities, coaching and mental health counseling.