What we do

We provide high-impact IT services for growing your business.
From back-end to front-end development, and Java to Angular,
we deliver a full stack of services and technologies to digitize your operations.

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Applications developed with agile methodology, specifically for your digitalization needs.

Application automation
Back-office automation
Mobile development
Sales process digitalization
SSO design and implementation
Digital transformation
Back-end services

Collecting, cleansing, transforming and reporting data to support your decision-making.

CAPEX reporting
Customer deduplication and MDM preparation
HR-related data gathering and reporting
GDPR-related discovery of personal data and deletion automation
Loss analysis-related data gathering
Network (gas, electricity) related data gathering
Work order-related data gathering

Ensuring that your software products are developed with the highest quality possible.

Test management
Agile quality assurance
Performance boost
Automated testing
Building test environment

Building a secure, online, and single access point to organize your information.

Client portal
  • Online payment
  • e-Post
  • e-Administration
  • Client (contract) data modification
WEB portal
Partner portal
  • Sales
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Commission administration
Sales portal
  • Marketing / Sales Automation
  • Lead generation
  • Online sales

Enterprise content management (ECM) and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) to improve your organizational processes.

Accounts payable
Application archiving (SAP, e-mail)
Customer service / Call center processes
Contract management
COLD / Output management
Internal document / form-centric processes
Records management
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Integrating software development and IT operations to shorten your development cycle.

Cloud deployment

Flexible service offerings

We are flexible in providing our services - depending on your preference, we can offer you managed services, project-based or time & material-based options, as well. We can offer 24/7 support and “Team as a Service” solutions.


Team as a Service


Full Cycle Project Development

Support / managed services

L2, L3
up to 24 / 7

How we do it

We use the latest software technologies to give your business a competitive advantage. From Python to MySQL, Java to Angular, and Kubernetes to Azure Cloud, we deliver a full stack of high-impact technologies to digitize your operations.

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We're here to help, whether you have a clear project plan and need the necessary resources to make it market-ready, or if you would like to consult with our experts to bring your project to life.