Péter Körmöczi

To be among the best in a software development company, it is essential not to be afraid of professional challenges, not to be scared to learn and explore new technologies and to be open to new ideas.

Chief Technology Officer

About Peter Kormoczi

I joined this team towards the end of my university years and although we have undergone many changes since then, I have worked with many of my colleagues for 15 years.

During my time with the team, I've had a classic software development career; I've been lucky enough to deliver exciting solutions for clients in many domains.

Peter's experience

My enthusiasm for the profession is undiminished. I regularly attend various conferences and meetups and keep up to date with the latest technology innovations, programming languages and tools.

As a professional manager, my most important task is to support our colleagues' continuous development and ensure the professional quality of the solutions we deliver.

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Péter Körmöczi

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