Our Vision of Core Banking

We dared ourselves to imagine a world, where core banking is modern and is served by an ecosystem of microservices with a KISS (keep it sweet and simple) philosophy.

Companies who choose us

We built a part of this future with
PE as a pricing engine.

PE can be

  • a single-purpose engine, or
  • an enterprise-wide multi-core-supporting pricing engine that banks have been dreaming about for decades.

PE explicitly is not

  • an analytical accounting/posting/booking engine
  • a workflow engine to manage authorization
    and booking instruction
  • foreign exchange currency conversion

Business Overview

PE is a pricing engine built with an enterprise mindset that is:

new pricing rules can be created, tested and
applied in production rapidly
typically returns prices
in 8-30ms
Highly available
we foresee no reason for having an
outage (planned or unplanned),
from a few thousand accounts
up to millions of accounts
Cloud native
we offer PE as an on-prem solution,
as a SaaS, or both
Event driven
Apache Kafka is our preferred
integration technology

Functional Overview

PE has an API that can be called to return a price for
simulation or booking

Prices are calculated using an extensible open expression
language with support for:

Minimum/maximum calculation

The engine works with data made available to it

using data from the pricing API call
via streaming relevant business events to it
accumulating/building abstractions from business events usingthe same expression language

Pricing calculation logic can be set up on the GUI by non-programmers


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